Corporate Social Responsibility

Medical Care Endeavours

Medical Camps at S. B. Nahar hospital

Free medical camps have been organized by S. B. Nahar Charitable Trust on many occasions. Thousands of patients have benefitted from these camps by getting free treatment, medicine and free testing for diseases.

Creation of Blood Bank at Sirohi and Jalore

S. B. Nahar Charitable Trust built a Blood Bank at Sirohi and Jalore Government Hospital thereby bringing relief to thousands in need of blood in an emergency.

Social Welfare Endeavours

Helping build a new structure & facilities in Rajasthan Hospital, Ahmedabad

All villagers near the Gujarat border would travel to Gujarat for medical treatment. 40 years ago, S. B. Nahar Charitable Trust gave a generous donation to Rajasthan Hospital, Ahmedabad with which they were able to build a new building with modern facilities in the hospital premises.

Jain Bhojanshala at Mohankheda Tirth

Mohankheda (Rajgarh) is popular pilgrimage site for the Jain community which sees thousands of devotees visiting it daily. Over 40 years ago, S. B. Nahar Charitable Trust, in a generous move, created a massive Eating Hall (Bhojanshala) for all the pilgrims who travel to the site.

Library at Kaba Tirth

Kaba is another Jain pilgrimage site near Ahmedabad. S. B. Nahar Charitable Trust built a library at the pilgrimage site. The library keeps all important religious books and is equipped with all facilities.

Traffic island for native village

In a move to beautify the village from where Mr Sukhraj B. Nahar hails, S. B. Nahar Charitable Trust created three traffic islands/traffic circles namely, Mahaveer Circle, Magh Circle and Ghandi circle. 

Other Social Activities

Famine relief

Rajasthan has witnessed multiple number of famines. Each time it did, many farmers migrated to big cities in search of livelihood. S. B. Nahar Charitable Trust established camps in many villages to distribute free cow feed to the needy residents and farmers for their cattle. They also distributed food ration kits and clothes to those who needed it.

Flood relief

During the flood in Bhinmal and neighbouring districts, S. B. Nahar Charitable Trust distributed ration material, medicines, utensils and other essential relief material. Shri Jivdaya Goshala is a famous and old goshala of Bhinmal. S. B. Nahar Charitable Trust donated one year worth total expenditure for food and upkeepment of approx. 1000 cows.

S. B. Nahar Charitable Trust shouldered the responsibility of approx. 1000 cows of Gayatri Goushala Bhinmal for one year.

S. B. Nahar Charitable Trust organized an international seminar of Mahaveer International where about 1500 VIP members of Mahaveer Internation came to Bhinmal.

S. B. Nahar Charitable Trust arranged a scholarship program for students. School bags and educational kits were distributed.

Campaign against female foeticide- Salaam Beti

Nahar Group was the first corporate entity to initiate and support a campaign against female foeticide. The Group stepped in to communicate the relevant messages and to educate general public with complete efficacy. 

Aids Awareness Campaign

Reaffirming its commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen, the Group has also been extending its support to Aids Awareness Campaign initiated by Mukti, a NGO which has dedicated itself to educate people on this subject.

Ethical Treatment of Animals

As dedicated as the group is towards fellow humans, it is equally concerned about ethical treatment given to animals. S. B. Nahar Charitable Trust supports PETA in its initiatives.

Swach Bharat Abhiyan

The Group has been the first to initiate Swachh Bharat Abhiyan campaign in Mulund and Chandivali after it was announced by our Hon'ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Many celebrities, politicians and industrialists joined hands with Nahar Group to take this initiative ahead.