The Body Temple allows you to reconnect with your body through comprehensive solutions. Every individual has a different physique and it is imperative to offer customized solutions subjective to each body type. Hence, at Inch by Inch, we allow you to decode your physique with the help of a team of certified trainers and nutritional counsellors who after studying your body come up with unique solutions to suit your body requirements.

We provide the finest equipment and fitness knowledge to help you achieve your fitness goals. We have adapted a globally proved fitness training module that is constantly upgraded through latest and versatile training programs. Introduced in the year 2002 at Marine Lines, INCH by INCH is also located at Tardeo, Matunga and Versova.

INCH by INCH is promoted by Sheetal Nahar, who has been a veteran in the fitness industry for over 11 years. While travelling around the world she has explored new international fitness programs which she now aims to bring to India through INCH by INCH.

The venture tends to take fitness and wellness to the next level. Apart from expanding our branches through self-owned as well as franchisee model across Mumbai and suburbs, we also plan to take up consultancy programs with different corporates, setup wellness centres in companies to motivate employees and help them perform better. Today where stress and work pressure are taking a toll on the physical as well as mental fitness, we would provide practical solutions for managing stress that would help them to live better.